Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Departures (SVO)

Not all flights may be showing. If not available use search above to find your flight by airline, airport or flight number.
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Murmansk (MMK) Smartavia 5N521 10:35 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Aeroflot SU2130 10:35 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP6941 10:40 Scheduled
Orsk (OSW) Aeroflot SU1060 10:40 Scheduled
St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU14 10:40 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU1122 10:45 Scheduled
Ulyanovsk (ULV) Aeroflot SU6075 10:50 Scheduled
Chelyabinsk (CEK) Aeroflot SU1420 10:50 Scheduled
Makhachkala (MCX) Aeroflot SU1058 10:55 Scheduled
Perm (PEE) Aeroflot SU1202 11:00 Scheduled
Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2976 11:05 Scheduled
Krasnodar (KRR) Smartavia 5N281 11:10 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Aeroflot SU526 11:20 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Sichuan Airlines 3U3721 11:20 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Aeroflot SU2146 11:30 Scheduled
Tyumen (TJM) Aeroflot SU6363 11:30 Scheduled
Stavropol (STW) Aeroflot SU1362 11:30 Scheduled
St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU16 11:35 Scheduled
Tehran (IKA) Mahan Air W599 11:35 Scheduled
Ufa (UFA) Aeroflot SU1234 11:40 Scheduled
Apatity (KVK) Aeroflot SU1346 11:45 Scheduled
Yekaterinburg (SVX) Aeroflot SU1402 11:50 Scheduled
Krasnoyarsk (KJA) Aeroflot SU1490 11:50 Scheduled
Orenburg (REN) Aeroflot SU1248 11:55 Scheduled
Astana (NQZ) Aeroflot SU1962 11:55 Scheduled
Aktau (SCO) Aeroflot SU1954 12:00 Scheduled
Astrakhan (ASF) Aeroflot SU1642 12:05 Scheduled
Kaliningrad (KGD) Aeroflot SU1018 12:05 Scheduled
Minsk (MSQ) Aeroflot SU1842 12:15 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU6717 12:15 Scheduled
Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP6831 12:25 Scheduled
St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU18 12:25 Scheduled
Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Pobeda DP6913 12:25 Scheduled
Magas (IGT) Pobeda DP6903 12:25 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU1124 12:35 Scheduled
Ukhta (UCT) Severstal Aircompany D2333 12:50 Scheduled
Volgograd (VOG) Pobeda DP6969 12:50 Scheduled
Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Aeroflot SU1344 12:55 Scheduled
Irkutsk (IKT) Aeroflot SU1444 01:05 Scheduled
Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Aeroflot SU1310 01:05 Scheduled
Xi'an (XIY) China Eastern Airlines MU7328 01:10 Scheduled
Kazan (KZN) Aeroflot SU1276 01:10 Scheduled
Nalchik (NAL) Pobeda DP6901 01:10 Scheduled
Belgrade (BEG) AirSERBIA JU131 01:25 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU1176 01:25 Scheduled
Chengdu (CTU) Sichuan Airlines 3U3802 01:30 Scheduled
Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ) Aeroflot SU6229 01:30 Scheduled
Kaliningrad (KGD) Aeroflot SU1004 01:35 Scheduled
St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU20 01:35 Scheduled
Samara (KUF) Aeroflot SU1212 01:40 Scheduled
Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2974 01:45 Scheduled
Izhevsk (IJK) Aeroflot SU6379 01:45 Scheduled
Stavropol (STW) Aeroflot SU1364 01:50 Scheduled
Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Smartavia 5N265 01:55 Scheduled
Chelyabinsk (CEK) Aeroflot SU1422 02:00 Scheduled
Tyumen (TJM) Aeroflot SU1506 02:05 Scheduled
Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP6921 02:10 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU1132 02:20 Scheduled
Ufa (UFA) Aeroflot SU1232 02:25 Scheduled
Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU1128 02:30 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

You are recommended to check in online before arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport, if you have the possibility to do so. This will save you time when arriving at the airport. If you do not have the possibility to check in online please proceed to the check in desks in your terminal of departure.

Domestic flight passengers can use e-boarding passes, while international passengers need a physical boarding pass.

Customs and Departing from Sheremetyevo Airport

If you are flying outside the Eurasian Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) you must go through customs. For passengers with items to declare please use the red corridor, for passengers without items to declare please go through the green corridor.

Border Control Departing from Sheremetyevo Airport

Passengers travelling on an international flight are required to go through the border control. Foreign citizens are obliged to present a valid passport, visa and migration card, and Russian citizens must present a travel passport.

Security Check at Sheremetyevo Airport

Before boarding the aircraft all passengers and their luggage have to undergo a security check for everyone’s safety. Please make sure you have no prohibited items in your luggage.

Transfer to Sheremetyevo Airport

  • Driving: Choose either the M-11 or Leningradskoe Shosse from Moscow to the airport.
  • Rental car: If you want to return a rented vehicle to any of the rental car companies located at the Sheremetyevo Airport please follow instructions given by your rental car company of choice. All rental car companies are located on Floor 1 in Terminal D.
  • Personal car: You can park for free for up to 15 minutes at the airport, after that a fee is charged. Make sure not to overextend your parking time as it may result in a fine. Each terminal has indoor and outdoor parking options both nearby and further away from the airport. If you choose to park further away you can use the free shuttle buses to get to the airport from the parking lot.

Waiting to board your flight at Sheremetyevo Airport

While you are waiting to board your flight you can spend your time exploring all the different duty-free shops, relax in a lounge, or eat at one of the many restaurants.

In the mother-and-child rooms young children under the age of 7 (or under the age of 14 if they have limited health conditions) and their parents can play, relax, eat, have a shower or even sleep while waiting for their flights. These rooms are also available to women in the second half of their pregnancy. The maximum stay is for 24 hours and it is free to use. Children cannot be left unattended. The rooms are located as listed below:

  • Terminal B, Floor 1, Common area
  • Terminal D, Floor 2, Common area
  • Terminal E, Floor 1, Common area
  • Terminal E, Floor 3, Departures, international flights
  • Terminal F, Floor 2, Common area

People with disabilities are welcome to wait for their flights in the free lounges;

  • Orion - Terminal D, Floor 3, past passport control
  • Sirius - Terminal E, Floor 3, past passport control
  • Saturn – Terminal D, Floor 1, common area
  • Mercury – Terminal B, Floor 1, common area

The lounges are open around the clock and they include specially equipped bathrooms, recreation areas, a children’s room, and an Internet café.

Please contact the airport for more information: +7 (495) 578 65 65

WiFi at Sheremetyevo Airport

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport offers free WiFi to anyone coming through the airport. Please follow these steps to connect to their network:

  • Search for _SheremetyevoWi-Fi
  • Register with your phone number
  • Select one of three methods for identification and variation;
    • Callback – You will get a callback to your phone with the last 4 digits of the number being your verification code, enter it where indicated. Do not answer the call.
    • SMS – You will receive an SMS with the verification code
    • Passport and selfie – you will be asked for your passport and to take a selfie and you will receive the verification code

Once the verification code is entered you are ready to go online

Smoking at Sheremetyevo Airport

If you want to smoke before departing Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow please make sure to do so before passing through all the different checks and controls as smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings at the airport, or within 15 metres of the entrances to the terminals. Smoking pavilions equipped with a ventilation system are installed outside the terminal entrances. Please be aware that smoking in non-designated areas may lead to a fine.

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